Essene Activities and Photos of Church Members

Day of Greenleaf, founder of the modern era Essene Church of Christ, in 2019. Some of the following photos picture him at earlier ages.

Day in 2019.

Day in 2019.

Day in 2019.

Day in 2019.

Day in Jamaica, 1999.

Day (and son) in the late 1980s with Purcel Weaver, First English Translator of Edmond Szekely’s French edition of ‘Essene Gospel of Peace’.

Day (far left) on long Peace Walk with Buddhist monks, 1982.

Day, 1992.

Day was walking on the beach in Jamaica and came across this Rasta Vegetarian Juice Bar!

Day gets wet in Jamaica, 1999. He admits the photo would be more interesting if he were walking on the water!

Day visits Essene Rasta friends in Jamaica, 1999.

The baptism of Douglas.

Day in Jamaica, 1999. He distributed free copies of the Megillah in his ‘Holy Qara Phase One.’

The tail end of a long line of new Essenes receiving baptism from Day in California.

Day in center of Opening Circle at an Essene Gathering in 1990.

Day, 1992.

Jah Levi (in white) with his band played many of our Essene Gatherings in the 1980’s and 1990’s. This one was at Breitenbush Hot Springs and though you can’t see the dance floor, there are 140 of us dancing the night through!

Visitors at Essene Gathering tour our greenhouse.

David and Omni of the band Sunheart have played at over 20 of our yearly National Essene Gatherings.

These were the speakers at 2018 National Essene Gathering at Essene Garden of Peace in Oregon (except for three not present for photo). 

Essene elders lay hands on newly initiated Essenes at Essene Garden of Peace in 2017.
In Song Circle, left to right are Edwina, Day, Alphonso, Michael.
Two of our church members at National Essene Gathering: Alphonso (left from Mexico) and Michael (from Canada).
Those about to be initiiated by Day at our Holy Mountain Spring raise arms in prayer. 
Day prepares to initiate Forest in 2016.
Denzal from Mexico has his heart chakra anointed during initiation. 
Denzal played various drums at the gathering. 
Denzal and his son. 
Day receives hug from Hewale after initiation in 2016. 
Liz, from New York, has her feet anointed with spikenard oil at initiation.

Day performs initiation. 

The entrance to one of our gardens at Essene Garden of Peace monastery and retreat center. 
Day speaks to those who are about to be baptized in 2004 at Essene Garden of Peace.
Day explains the meaning of baptism in our church.
Walking to the river for baptism. 

Group walks to the river at Essene Garden of Peace to be baptized by Day in 2004. 

Prayers before baptism.
A gathering in the forest in 2002. 

Day reads from The Holy Megillah at Essene Gathering. 
Day speaks at National Essene Gathering in 2014.
This 2014 talk is available on DVD from our church, as are many others. 


Day in 2014.
The three facing the camera are a mother, Betty (center), with daughters Belinda (left of mom) and Bretta (right). They spoke at our National Essene Gathering about the Vegan Restaurant they started in Tennessee. 
These five have attended about ten consecutive Annual Gatherings at Essene Garden of Peace; left to right: Roseanne from Louisiana, Spence from Nebraska, Edwina from England, Alphonso from Mexico but now in North Carolina, Matt from California. 
Gideon, from Germany, speaks at 2018 National Essene Gathering at Essene Garden of Peace.

Edwina, from England, reading from The Holy Megillah at her talk at Essene Garden of peace. 
Roseanne, from Louisiana, and Spence from Nebraska in the garden at essene Garden of Peace. Tall sunflowers!
Tai Chi class at Essene Gathering led by Jimmy.
Yoga class at Essene Gathering.
Day speaks on Essene Aromatherapy.
Alphonso and Edwina relax at a beautiful Oregon beach with about 30 other Essenes the day after National Essene Gathering ended. Each year, the day after the 3-day gathering ends, we take the “left-over” guests to out favorite Oregon Beach.
Roseanne and Spence walk down the beautiful nature trail to “Hobbit Beach” after the Gathering. The beach is one hour from Essene Garden of Peace, which is located in a coastal mountain forest.
One of the nice things about “Hobbit Beach” on the Monday following the weekend Essene Gathering is that we often have the beach completely to ourselves!
Day took a group of Essenes to meditate on Sacred Mount Shasta in the early 1990’s. 
Day photographs the photographer. The group is on Mt. Shasta with the highest snow-capped peeks in the background. 
We have about 60 apple trees in our orchard of over 100 fruit trees. 
Don’t they look yummy!
Day’s grandson held up by Grandpa in apple tree.

Day harvests corn and his brother, Steve, harvests apples at Essene Garden of Peace, 2018.

Dillon (left) and Hewale press apple cider. At Essene Garden of Peace, we have about one hundred fruit trees and press about 150 gallons of cider per year. 
Before pressing, we wash the apples. 
Fawn bobs for apples! Why not make cider pressing fun!
Fawn is successful in her “bob” for an apple. 
This is just one tub of about thirty such tubs we pressed this year.
Day with grandson, Ory, in front of wall mural painted by Day’s daughter, Ory’s mom, when she was 17.
Grandpa Day and grandson, Ory.
Day’s daughter Amy, who painted this mural at age 17. 

Amy’s other full-wall mural at Essene Garden of Peace, also painted at age 17.
Day rides his horse friend, Shamrock, at Essene Garden of Peace.

Over 60 now, Day rode his first horse 55 years before this photo was taken! Day is definitely a “horse-whisperer.” Some of his best friends have been horses. 

This is the mount directly behind the Sanctuary at Essene Garden of Peace. For perspective, note how tiny Day looks at bottom of photo. The photos you have seen of Day performing rituals at the mountain spring are from up in these big trees at top of photo. 
Some fresh picked peaches from our orchard!
We grow too many peaches to eat them all fresh so we “can” the extras and eat them during the winter. 
Every day we harvest fresh veggies like this basket!
Forest and Michelle got married at our National Essene Gathering!

Forest has for many years been our person in charge of creating our yearly Essene Calendar called “Wheel of Days.”
Day says: “If you want to come visit us at essene Garden of Peace just give us a call!”

This is Rancho La Puerta, an Essene Wellness Center established by Edmond Szekely in Mexico. This photo is from the 1980’s but Szekely founded the center in the 1930’s.

Another view of Szekely’s Rancho La Puerta. Day was told that the grape vines were planted in the 1930’s; at the time Day took the photo they were 50 years old and still excellent producers.

A late 1980’s photo of Day standing in front of the house Edmond Szekely lived in from 1940 to 1950 before the newer buildings were built at Rancho La Puerta.

Day took this photo of a Mexican style Essene Tree of Life at Rancho La Puerta.

After Edmond Szekely’s death around 1980 or so, this statue of him was placed at Rancho La Puerta. Day says, “If he were alive he would have vetoed the idea!”

Szekely in a toga in the 1940’s.

Day and Patricia Braggs (owner of Braggs’ Health Food Products) at Edmond Szekely’s grave after his funeral. He died in Costa Rica but once his body was returned to Rancho La Puerta in Mexico, we San Diego area Essenes held a memorial service.

Day visits Essenes in Hawaii and walks through an organic banana tree grove with his hosts.

Day says, “Peace be with you!” 1992.

Day also says, “Peace be with you!”

Day in tux ready to go High School Prom. This was shortly after he had begun studying with his Essene Teacher Malachi of Alexandria.

Day’s senior picture, 1975/76.

Day at two months, already wearing a white Essene hat!

Day in 1961, age 3, with little sister.

Day in 4th grade.

Two of the artworks that grace the walls at Day’s Essene Ashram called Essene Garden of Peace.



Day’s daughter, many years ago, painted this mural that graces an entire wall in our sanctuary at Essene Garden of Peace.

Day teaching class in the Garden at Essene Garden of Peace.

Roseanne teaches class at Essene Garden of Peace.

Day performs initiations at Mountain Spring at Essene Garden of Peace.

Evan Belize performs at Essene Garden of Peace.

Spence does a talk at National Essene Gathering at Essene Garden of Peace.

Alphonso teaches a food class at National Essene Gathering at Essene Garden of Peace.

At this spring on the mountain at Essene Garden of Peace, each year Day performs initiations.

Edwina, from England, receives initiation.

Ital from Canada receives initiation.

A musical performance at Essene National Gathering 2021
Day and Bert after Bert's consecration as Lay Minister
Day and Dillon after Dillon had performed a song
Day shows Solar Tapestry Art at Mother Temple. There is a vast amount of solar-related art at the temple and Day was giving a tour of it
Day at Mother Temple Altar with Solar Tapestry
Calvin giving a drum demonstration
A Gathering Circle at the Mother Temple
Andre Initiation by Day on Holy Mount
Sister Michelle being consecrated as a Priestess
Priestess Michele reads a scripture during her sermon
Terese is conscrated as aPriestess. This portion of the ritual is the blessing of the Heart Chakra
Sister Terese being consecrated as a Priestess
Terese hugs Day after her consecration as Priestess
Day, Terese and Michelle at Bert's consecration as a Lay Minister
Day, Terese, Michelle and Bert during a Consecration Ceremony
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